Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Here it is a great video. I really encourage you to watch it. NEVER FORGET THAT YOU ARE UNIQUE. LOVE YOURSELF THE WAY YOU ARE

Monday, 12 May 2014

I went Prague from Poznan by “my Lovely, preferable, cheaper then trains and comfortable” Polski bus. The trip was almost 8 and half hours long. We started at 5.00 am in the morning and we arrived at Prague Florence Bus station at 13.25 pm.
The bus journey was okay. Our 1st stop was in Wroclaw. From Poznan to Wroclaw the bus was full of people, the people were all nice and there were no problems and we made it on time to Wroclaw. From Wroclaw came an irritating girl who sat behind us. She was so selfish that she was sitting comfortably but did not want us to recline our sits back for her comfort. The other problem was she could not understand English so it was very hard to explain it and each time we try to put the seat back a bit she will push it and we were so angry on her, but anyhow we finished out trip of 5 hours and reached Prague, The 1st thing I noticed on my way from highway to the bus stop inside the city is that Prague is almost built on a small mountain or a lot of sloppy areas.
After reaching the bus station we needed to find the way to reach our hotel so we went to the information center and they guided us. The problem we faced here was we did not mind a place to exchange Euros as it was in a very deserted place on the station and we needed coronas for buying tickets. We bought the tickets and entered the Metro but no one was punching the tickets on the entrance so we thought of not to punch it either, we reached a station were we need to change the line, while changing the lines there were controllers and they caught us. We tried to convince him that we just arrived and are foreign tourists and we are not aware of things but he could not 'Understand English' properly he just said one thing ' I am talking serios ' and we had to pay a fine of 70 Euros which was like a shock to us and on the contrary they gave us tickets to travel for free for 60 minutes which was like a slap on our wounds.
The most contradictory thing that happened was that we were in Prague for 3 days and we traveled by metro at least 10 times after that and we never found a controller on our way.
Prague is a city which is counted as the most romantic city of Eastern Europe. People often make comparisons between Prague and Paris. Some people find Prague more romantic then Paris.
With the map in the hands we went down the metro station from our hotel but this time we punched the tickets on the entrance. We came to Prague with a lot of excitement but it all turned into a mood mixed with anger and sadness. We reached the center of Prague and started our journey of exploring Prague, at 1st we saw one bridge which was next to the famous Charles Bridge, we were walking around to one side of the bridge which is said to be the old Prague. After a small walk in that area we reached the Charles bridge and made our way to the center of the old town of Prague.
 Charles bridge is beautiful and the views on its either sides are picturistic and serene. The beauty of Prague is that the Old town still has the building with the form they were built like few hundred years old.
Then rain and a small storm made us stop on our exploration of Prague. It was getting dark so we decided to take a walk of the beautiful riverside of Prague; it was really one nice peaceful and soothing experience to walk on this riverside.
Finally we were tired of walking and because of our bus journey we decided to head back to our hotel and take rest and call the day off.
Now it was time for us to start the 2nd day of our trip. All the excitement and energy was back. We went to take a healthy breakfast. We got ready and headed to the Old town as we had to be there before 10.30 am to take our tour with a random group and a tour guide who would take us through the old town of Prague and explain us the history of it. The lady who was our tour guide was highly enthusiastic but her English was very bad and she was making a lot of drama on the tour. Two girls from Italy tried to run away from the group but she found them and made them join it back. The old town of Prague has a very beautiful history.

The best part of our day came when we took a long walk to the Castle of Prague which is situated on some height. The streets were long, it was completely old but beautiful. We grabbed an Ice cream for getting some energy back and headed ourselves to the destination. But it was worth making these efforts to reach there. The view from the place was breathtaking. The area of the Castle is really big and very beautiful.

My opinion about Prague after being there it is not really optimistic although I had a good time there (deleting the fine). I have to say that after seeing other cities this year, Prague it is not that beautiful (maybe because I compared it with Budapest, which is awesome). And one thing that I hated from Prague was that it is extremely crowded so sometimes you cannot appreciate some things or visit some monuments.
After all of that it is obvious I prefer Paris (but don’t waste the opportunity of going to Prague) 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Everybody has their own take on happiness. But I would like to mention that happiness is not just with one thing. Happiness is really a very broad perspective. Some feel happiness in having the best things they want or they deserve but human beings are always looking for more which does not keep them happy. Happiness is actually enjoying the life you presently live in. happiness is dreaming for what you want to and trying for it with disrespect of being a failure in it. Happiness is something in remembering your past memories and laughing over your silly mistakes. Happiness is in something you make yourself feel better about the smallest thing you do or achieve. Happiness is helping people without any selfish motives. Going out of the way to help someone will always give you the feeling of being human and seeing that person feels good will make you happy. Being selfish and doing something can make you feel happy for the present movement but in long run you won’t realize the same happiness.All in all happiness something like living each and every moment of life with a broad smile and a positive perspective and making your soul feel good at the end of the day.

For me the secret of happiness is knowing what your highest strengths are and using them to belon to and in the service of something larger than you are, but allways wuth love and kindness.

Thursday, 6 March 2014


First of all I have to say that I don't like the Oscars, maybe because I have watched two minutes in my life, but I am not really interested because I am not a big fan of movies for example, I don't have any culture about actors or another things which can be included in this ceremony. 

On the one hand I think that it is a good way to recognize their job because sometimes it seems that they only win money for appearing on TV or in the cinema, but not everybody can put this faces or crying in the right moment or making this comedies which make you laugh a lot. In my opinion it is a difficult job to get the attention of the viewer and make them feel interested in that topic. 

On the other hand I think that it is also so unfair due to the fact that only actors have this privilege and also I don't agree on how much money is spent in this event.Right now I think is not a necessity to spend this money because of the fact that there are a lot of problems around the world to spend thousands of Euros in these things.And thinking a little bit more, just look around, do teachers have a ceremony like this? Or a normal laborer? who spends a lot of time working outdoor with minus ten degrees every day.

The answer is NO.

So where is the equality, now ask yourself, do all the jobs have the same reputation?

Friday, 17 January 2014

Once in a blue moon

This is connected with my Erasmus in Poland.

Who have ever imagined that I was going to spend a year in Poland?, nobody, at least from Spain.Because some people don’t even know where is Poland on the European map.

This is the ignorance of young people nowadays.

I still remember when we decided to come here. I was with my best friend in the library studying for the final exams, it was a rainy day without anythingspecial to do and even a good mood to study.We looked at each other and we started looking at the Erasmus destinations.Thinking about the economy, the language, the comments people have posted on the wall, we clicked onPoland and really, I don’t know why but we choose it.And now I can say that I am so happy, I am learning so many things, I am meeting so many people andthis culture is fantastic.

So don’t think twice and come to Poland!


Add insult to injury

Once I was in a trip with some friends and we were talking about many embarrassing anecdotes that have happened to us some years ago and this developed in how grandmothers talk in Spain (because people who live or used to live in the village use different vocabulary) that nowadays for young people is so funny.

After half an hour talking about the same topic, I noticed that one of my friends was so excited talking about her grandmother and making jokes about her, so people was laughing so much. The problem became when she started being so quiet, but our friends still kept on making jokes about her grandmother until she stopped talking and she said: “my grandmother died last month”.

 You cannot imagine our faces.After all of that we were in silence for a while until she told us that she was making jokes because everybody was having fun but it started getting worst when people don’t have respect.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

"A day without a smile is a day wasted."

Every day when you open your eyes, it is a new day that you have never see one like this,because it is just unique as you, so you must enjoy it with a huge smile.
Shout, dance, cry, sing, do whatever you want without hurting anybody.
This is a MUST not a can, because there are some people who don't smile or just don't know how to do it, so teach them how a smile can change their and the one of all of the rest.
I am sure that somebody will thank you for this beautifull smile,don't be shy and face all your problems, all your fears with a smile.
Have a nice day and don't forget to Smile!!